Tahoma - 21 Bar Chromatic d'Aigle 'harp, More Coming Soon!

$ 1,490.00

The Tahoma is a design concept quite different from any other on the market. 

It is built with a frame and top carved from a single piece of piano pinblock.
It has our d'Aigle fine tuners and light action mylar spring system.  It plays fast and quiet like our other models.

The back is instrument grade Okume  ply, made in France.  The frame and exposed edge are maple pin block.  This coupled with innovative acoustic bracing have produced an autoharp which has exceeded our expectations.

The Tahoma is an affordable autoharp with everything you expect from a much more expensive instrument. 

These are available with built in magnetic pick-up, lock bars, our default Bryan Bowers style chord bar layouts. Alternate layouts of your choice are available for $75.00.

The sound of this autoharp is guaranteed to blow your socks off, and we believe the Tahoma to be the best value by far in this price range

  • Comes with a case with backpack straps
  • Our patented Flat Line fine tuning system
  • Mylar spring system
  • Never warp extrusion chord bars
  • Composite frame bracing
  • Bryan Bowers style 21 bar chromatic layout
  • The big sound for the small price
  • Rosette designed by John R GrayIII
  • Strap buttons installed or sent with your order
    • Default Bryan Bowers layout may be changed to suit
    • Limited Lifetime warranty for defects in materials or manufacturing
      (does not cover strings or felts, normal wear, or damage caused at consumer end, including environmental damage).
    • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
    -Add a Pickup, $210.00 Click Here
    -Add a Magic Braid Handle, $21.50 Click Here

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