d'Aigle Autoharp Beginners Package Complete Package $1535.00. Place $200 deposit.

$ 200.00

Because of a high demand, these instruments may not be currently in stock. If not, these are built to order. Place a $200 deposit below, and your name will be on an instrument in construction. We will contact you shortly for confirmation.

Just because you're a beginner doesn't mean you should start at the bottom.
Learning to play is always easier on a better quality instrument.

When your autoharp arrives, you'll receive it fully set up and ready to play with all the accessories you need.

You can learn to play the autoharp. Usually the first day you have it you'll be able to accompany yourself singing the simple songs in the beginner's book. From there, with a bit of practice, you will be amazed at the music you are able to make.

Package Includes:

d'Aigle 21 Bar Chromatic Tahoma Autoharp

d'Aigle Soft Shell Case In Your Choice Of Color

"It's An Autoharp" or other beginner's Book With 

Instrument Stand

Snark Chromatic Digital Tuner

Plus a starter pick package, tuning wrench, warranty and paperwork
Everything you need to start playing the autoharp.

Complete Package $1,535.00

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