Kodiak Pick

$ 6.00

The SharkTooth and Kodiak Picks from Strum 'N Comfort are a new and exciting music accessory for Guitar, Banjo, Resonator, Bass, Autoharp and Pedal Steel. Now on the market at expanded locations, SharkTooth promises to be standard gear for beginners and established players alike. Crossover Picks evolved over the last few years by working with music teachers and professional musicians.

Crossover picks are designed to support and extend today’s established guitar playing methods. The Strum-N-Comfort Picking System promotes skill development by facilitating the blending of important playing techniques. Flat-picking, Strumming, fingerstyle, harmonics, percussion and finger tapping can be more easily combined using SharkTooth and Kodiak Crossover Picks.

The Strum-N-Comfort Picking System promotes the concept of a "Universal Technique" for playing stringed instruments.

Crossover picks are soft and flexible sleeves with a plectrum that is designed to provide total freedom in guitar playing technique. The picking system facilitates what some have called a “universal stringed instrument method”.

Whether the guitar player has training in classical technique, flat-picking, or the Chet Atkins fingerstyle method, using a traditional thumb-pick, there is no longer a division that limits your musical possibilities.

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$6.00 Each Pick, $10.00 for double pack

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