Evoharp 21 bar Diatonic

$ 850.00

Evoharp  autoharp 21 bar chords in the single key of G.  It is in very good shape does have some very minor scratches. The case has backpack straps.

This has a cedar top and walnut back, with pin-block core for stability in tuning.

The unusually well endowed layout has in the treble row a full mute bar, CM7, GM7, D7, A7-3, E7-3, Gadd9. In the middle row Gsus4, C, G, D, Am7, Em7, Dadd9. In the bass row Dsus4, Am, Em, Bm, Bm7, F#dim, and another full mute bar. With this you can really dress up your songs in G.