Desert Rose GD Diatonic Certified Used

$ 949.00

Desert Rose GD Diatonic, Certified Used

Certified means that we have carefully gone over this instrument and certify that it is in good condition, and is warranted to be free of defects from  for a period of one year.

This autoharp was built in 2006. It features a carrying handle, a magnetic pickup (see the jack placement in the pictures), and quick change chord bars as are found on our Cascade model.
There are three extra chord bars, two suspended fourths and an add9 (D2).

The instrument has had one owner, an owner who maintained  it well, and had work such as new felt and strings done in our shop. Strings and felt are in very good condition. If you are looking for a really nice diatonic, this is it, at a great price! A new Desert Rose with these features would cost $1,600.00.