d'Aigle Autoharp Custom Bar Sets, from $385.00

$ 385.00

Order a custom bar set for your autoharp. Comes in Maple (pictured) and Walnut. Available in 15 and 21 bar set ups. Your choice of layout. Great for upgrading or building your own autoharp. All bar sets come with bars, end caps, all screws, combs, and mylar spring system. Call us with any special requests. 

  • The chord bars are a black anodized aluminum extrusion. This extrusion is capped with grain-matched wood veneers. There are distinct advantages to this chord bar, perhaps the most important being that it will never warp or distort due to case hardening of the wood grain. And the changing of felt with an aluminum surface instead of wood is a much easier task. Finally, we give each bar a very slight arch, which causes the felt at each end of the bar to make contact with the strings just slightly before contact in the center, giving a far more positive damping of the highest and lowest strings.

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