d'Aigle Laura Lee 21 bar Baritone 5242025WS

$ 2,330.00

With 32 strings instead of our standard of 37 strings, the Laura Lee is designed for those who need a narrower autoharp that is easier to put your arms around, and is lighter in weight.

The Baritone which begins on a low F2 which is the same as a standard chromatic, and ends on a G5, normally the last high G on most chromatics.

Though smaller in size, the Laura Lee has a wonderful deep voice, with plenty of amplitude.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the voice of this autoharp.

The Laura Lee features classic straight lines, with a sound hole decal from original art work by John R. Gray III of d'Aigle Autoharps.

Each Laura Lee has patented d'Aigle Flat Line fine tuners and a bass cap shaped for a leg rest.

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