Concert Grand Autoharp, Historic

$ 2,500.00

For sale is a Concert Grand Zimmermann autoharp, built between 1893 and 1899. Before this came to us, there were only eight of these known to still exist. This one makes number nine.
This autoharp is huge, 21" wide by nearly 30 inches high, made to play tabletop.
It comes in its original wooden case. Both the Grand and the case are in need of restoration if this is to be in playing condition.
It is restorable, in fact, I have restored these in much worse condition. I have restored four Concert Grands, and I own another still in need of my attention. I will link here a video made by a customer of one that I restored years ago, which was in worse condition:
This is a real piece of autoharp history. Whether you want to restore it or simply keep it as a wonderful part of your collection, this fine old instrument is meant to enjoy.
I've included lots of pictures so that you can get a full perspective of the condition. Once shipped, this will not be returnable.

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