Cascade Walnut/Spruce 15 Bar D Diatonic d'Aigle Autoharp

$ 2,674.00

A beautiful d'Aigle Cascade 'harp 15 bar diatonic D autoharp. Made from Claro Walnut and Spruce, it has a very full, warm sound from treble to bass. The single key D has enough bass to rattle your bones!

Standard on all Cascade model d'Aigle 'harps:

  • Our patented Flat Line fine tuning system covering all 37 strings
  • Herringbone purfling
  • Hand carved sound hole insert
  • Super quick change chord bar holders
  • Speed Bar permanently mounted mylar spring system
  • Satin highest quality instrument grade lacquer finish
  • Easy maintenance aluminum extrusion and wood chord bars
  • Composite frame bracing
  • Built-in leg rest
  • Strap buttons installed or sent with your order
  • Limited Lifetime warranty for defects in materials or manufacturing
    (does not cover strings or felts, normal wear, or damage caused at consumer end, including environmental damage).

30 Day return policy on all new d'Aigle Autoharps, must be returned in like new condition. Try risk free and if it doesn't work out for you return it for a full refund.

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