AH#3 15 bar Oscar Schmidt autoharp

$ 130.00

This used Oscar Schmidt autoharp is in good condition.  It was made in America. It is missing some strings and really needs new strings and the anchor needs to be permanently attached.  

These autoharps were donated to the Autoharp Angels which you can read about here: Autoharp Angels
Proceeds from this sale will go to the Autoharp Angels. 

In general, the autoharps in this group are not considered “Ready To Play”.

These are considered “Project” 'harps which can be fixed up by you or by us to be nice, playable autoharps. Some may need strings, chord bar sets, etc. You can see what we charge for parts in our Marketplace, and see what installing a 21 bar conversion kit, set of strings etc. in our Repair Shop page found here: Repair Shop

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