18 Bar Chromatic Sparrowharp

$ 997.00

The Evo Bluestein Sparrowharp, originally designed for younger smaller arms, has sparked the interest of travelers, performers, teachers, and the casual player. Evo conceived of this autoharp to fill the need expressed by many for an autoharp which is easier to hold and play.

This is the little autoharp with the mighty voice. At just over 5 1/2 pounds, it is the smallest and lightest 36 string autoharp available. Yet it has a voice much larger than its size might imply. It is also a very affordable autoharp.

The top and back are instrument grade Okume  ply, made in France. The frame and exposed edge are maple pin block. This coupled with innovative acoustic bracing have produced an autoharp which has exceeded our expectations.

The Sparrow is for travellers, performers and teachers, and the casual player. Anyone who needs something smaller and lighter, easier to get around, will love the Sparrow.