d'Aigle Laura Lee Autoharp

$ 1,250.00

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d'Aigle Laura Lee Autoharp


d'Aigle Laura Lee Autoharp built in 2010. The Laura Lee is a 32 string instrument, making it narrower than our 37 string models, and easier to put your arms around. It has all the trimmings of a d'Aigle autoharp, including fine tuners, Mylar spring system etc. Read more about the Laura Lee here: http://daigleharp.com/daiglelauralee.html
This is a three key autoharp playing in F C &G. The back, sides and trim are a beautiful walnut, with the warm tones of a cedar top. It has a handle for easy carrying.
And It Has A Magnetic Pickup with a 1/4" Jack through the treble edge!
Strap buttons are installed, and it comes with a soft shell case.

Strings and felt are in excellent condition. At $1,250, this is a bargain.

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