Oscar Schmidt Autoharps

Oscar Schmidt has been the leading manufacturer of autoharps for many years.

We do not "drop-ship" or "through-ship" any of the autoharps we sell.

Every Oscar Schmidt Autoharp we sell is carefully inspected and optimized

so that you will receive the very best available at an affordable price.

First we inspect all moving parts & make changes & adjustments as needed for optimal play. 

This entails adjustments to bar holder combs, felts, etc. Then we add padding, shim, etc., to insure clean, quick and quiet chord bar action.

We replace the stock springs with special "Light Touch" springs for easy action and less fatigue.

Finally, we arrange the bars to your specifications for the most comfortable play possible.

Our default arrangement of chord bars is the 'Bryan Bowers' style layout, which is easy to play and ergonomically sound. 

Let us know if you would like a different layout. Our goal is to make sure you have the best 'harp possible, and still sell under list prices.

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