21 Bar Chromatic Desert Rose d'Aigle harp

$ 1,699.00

Ready to ship 21 bar chromatic d'Aigle Desert Rose Autoharp. Set up in the Bryan Bowers Layout (layout can be changed upon request).

Add a pickup for $198.00.

Standard on all Desert Rose & Desert Eagle model d'Aigle 'harps:

  • Our patented Flat Line fine tuning system
  • Mylar spring system
  • Never warp extrusion chord bars
  • Composite frame bracing
  • The big sound for the small price
  • Art decoration and rosette
  • Set-ups in chromatic and diatonic
  • Built-in leg rest
  • Strap buttons installed or sent with your order
  • Comes with a case with your choice of color.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty for defects in materials or manufacturing
    (does not cover strings or felts, normal wear, or damage caused at consumer end, including environmental damage).

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